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We’re Merging Samahope with J&J. Here’s Why.

We have some big news to share today: Samahope will be joining forces with CaringCrowd, a new global health crowdfunding platform powered by Johnson & Johnson.

As you may know from following our journey, we’ve experienced significant growth over the past year and half. With your help we’ve raised over $1 million for our work and doctors, and have enabled access to critical medical care for 9,833 patients in 11 countries. That’s huge, thank you!

Our vision at Samahope has always been to reach 1 million patients. To do that–and truly amplify our growth and impact–we decided that we’d need to team up with a larger global health organization with greater capacity. We began the search for a potential partner earlier this year and after a rigorous evaluation process (from 30 organizations down to three), it became clear that combining with CaringCrowd would both help us achieve our goal and allow us to carry out our mission of allowing anyone anywhere to fund critical medical care for those in need.

Most importantly, what does this mean for the doctors and the women and children we aim to help?

As part of the transition, all our our doctors will have the opportunity to have a presence on the CaringCrowd platform. Some of them are already there–in fact, you can help fund Dr. Agarwal’s project, “Repairing Tiny Hearts,” by clickinghere. Other doctors will continue to transition through the end of the year and some will retire. We’ll have more information on specific doctors as we continue the process and will be sure to send out additional communication to make sure you know how you can continue to show your support.

Members of the Samahope team will continue to work with the CaringCrowd team to see the transition through and will then serve as advisors on an as needed basis thereafter. Samahope remains a valued program at Sama and we are dedicated to making sure our doctors, patients and donors are well informed and taken care of.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our generous Samahope community for supporting our work over the past 3.5 years. We wouldn’t be here–talking about this exciting next chapter–without you. It is humbling to know that together, through the power of the crowd, we’ve provided access to healthcare for thousands of patients in need. It has reaffirmed our belief that anyone can change a life.

Here’s to a New Year and a new adventure! Please feel free to share this news with your networks and reach out with feedback or questions at

With gratitude,
Shivani + Leila

Find more information on Samahope’s blog

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